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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How to Make DIY Fluffy Slime
By Gabby A

    ½ cup white PVA glue
    ¼ cup shaving foam
    ¼ cup foaming hand wash
    2-3 drops food dye (optional)
    1 tsp scent (optional)
    2 tbsp lotion
    1 tbsp cornstarch
    1 cup warm water
    1 tsp borax

1.   Mix together water and borax until borax is completely dissolved.
2.   In a separate bowl, mix together glue, shaving foam, foaming hand wash, food dye, scent, lotion, and cornstarch.
3.   Slowly add in 1-3 tbsp of activator (the borax and water solution) and mix thoroughly into the glue mixture to make slime form. Caution, the more activator you add the stiffer and more rubbery the slime becomes.
WARNING: Do not eat slime.  Wash hands and surfaces before and after making slime.  Use under adult supervision. Store slime in an airtight container

Monday, March 4, 2019

No Bottled Water

Drinking only one bottle of water can make our environment harmful to animals and humans.  Bottled water is very harmful to the environment, the bottles just get thrown in landfills. You might think bottle water is safer than other waters, but it is actually just as bad. Bottled water is also more expensive. On the other hand, water is our Earth’s healthiest drink, unlike other drinks that have caffeine, sugar and high calories.
Bottled water can fill up landfills and most of the bottled water is wasted... often it is not even finished! “ More than 1 billion plastic water bottles end up in California’s landfills each year, taking 1,000 years to biodegrade and leaking toxic additives such as phthalates into the groundwater.” This is stated in Goodbye, Bottled Water. Almost 80% of the water bottles we get end up in the landfills. Over 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills each day! Last years count was over 64 billion plastic water bottles.Therefore, to prevent this we need to stop buying them.
You might think bottled water is healthier or better for you than other waters or tap water. Surprisingly bottled water is worse than tap water and it is toxic .  Bottle water can contain chemicals that can make you sick. These chemicals are called polyethylene and terephthalate. Both tap water and bottled water come from the same source. This means, bottled water is not any better than tap water.
In addition, bottle water has expensive prices. According to the article “Bottle versus tap: Which is Safer? it states that,  “ Price it by the gallon, and water in those single-serve bottles is more expensive than even today’s high-priced gasoline.” With this in mind, “bottle water is in between 240 and 10,000 times more expensive than tap water.” Humans spend globally 60 billion dollars on bottled water in the past year. All in all, water bottles are more expensive than tap water.
On the other hand bottled water, is the healthiest packaged beverage option you can drink. People also need to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Bottled water has a refreshing taste, zero calories, and its quality. When people want to eliminate calories, caffeine, sugar and artificial flavors water is the drink to have. No matter what water you are drinking it is a healthy lifestyle that everyone needs to live. Without drinking other sugary drinks you can eliminate 280 calories per person a week. Bottled water is also easy to get when you need to eliminate sugars. They have bottled water available wherever packaged beverages are. So when you start a diet bottled water is convenient.
All in all, bottled water should be banned because the plastic is filling up landfills. The water is not as healthy as you think it is. It is also very overpriced and people are wasting their money buying it and just throwing it away. So have you thought of banning bottled water?

By: Kaila Hatton

Darkness Doesn't Fall... It Rises!

The girl faces the setting sun on the edge of the cliff. The ledge dives down sharply into the oceans’ scarlet folds. The sun bled into the water, sinking slowly while casting a cracking bloodred path across the surface. Orange and pink clouds kissed the sky, darkening along the horizon to a spine-tickling midnight blue. The girl stared silently at the falling sun as it departed with its magnificent fading light. Her eyes reflect the fire it leaves behind, her thick blonde hair billowing out behind her, the white cloak following its example. Her simple T-shirt and shorts under the cloak seemed to insult her majestic figure as it turned to walk along the edge of the cliff. Her watchful green eyes scanned the horizon impatiently, anticipatingly, fearfully, searching. As the sun’s greatest rays eventually fade away, darkness slam down on the sky like a tiger onto its prey. The cowardly light flinched away from the never-ending darkness as it took its toll on its side of the earth. The sun’s shift was over, and the night was here for the next one. You watch her silently, not being able to move even if you wanted to. You were frozen in place as freezing cold winds pulsed like a heartbeat across the land. You wish to shiver, to feel those pricks of unease to travel up your limbs, but you cannot do so. You stare as moonlight becomes the only source of light in the shadow-ridden scene. You watch as her hair’s beautiful blonde shades become darker, more menacing, melting into a more black. Her skin pales to a grey, an illusion of the tan peach color simply melting away. The cape-ish cloak became black, burning at the edges all around. She turns around. You finally understand; you finally know why she was fearfully waiting for the sun’s light to die. Your eyes run over her once beautiful features; Her eyes are red, a single slit of black down each eye’s middle. Her teeth, once simply straight and flat, are now sharp and menacing. Two fangs at the front singled out themselves; they went a quarter of the way down to her chin. Her feet leave the ground and she levitates two feet into the air, towering above you. This wasn’t a normal girl. She raises a hand and traces out the letters, backwards to you; A, B, I, K. Abik? No, wait. She raised a finger and twirled it in a circle, the sparking red letters twisting around to spell “KIBA.” That must be her name. She smiles, more of a fanged sneer, and lunges at you; then it was over, and you wake up in your bed, drenched in a cold sweat. You are tangled in your sheets. That can’t have been just a nightmare; it felt so real. That girl seemed to be the very face of darkness. And she had risen. Before that, she’d feared the dark rising. Rising. Now you know. Darkness doesn’t fall;

it Rises.

By Arika F

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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